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Loch Ness Monster
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The Loch Ness monster is a supposedly 30 foot monster that lives in Loch Ness. The creatures is believed to avoid people but people still have seen it describing to have flippers, a few humps, and a long, slender neck. Scientists believe Nessie could be related to a dinosaurlike reptile or a sea animal like the manatee or seal. It was reported to be first seen in A.D. 565. When a new highway in the 1930s made Loch Ness more accesible more sightings were reported. In 1960, a short film was made of a dark shape moving through the water by Tim Dinsdale. Aerial photographs have been taken also. Since then, scientific expeditions have also happened, using a sonar, which detected loud objects moving through the lake. And in 1972 and 1975 underwater photographs were taken of the supposed Loch Ness monster but experts didn't agree that they were actually showing the monster.


Does Loch Ness Monster Exist? - Watch a funny movie here

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By Annaliesa Potter